Our Founder Chairman Mr. Ram Salve

As he is more popularly known in the business world , founded Ganesh Contaniers Mover Syndicate in 1984 as part of the self business enterprise . Seeing the future direction of the liner agency business that was previously the mainstay, R.S. steered Almighty into a value driven organization providing effective Logistics solutions to enhance customer satisfaction.

The Board of Directors

Comprising of the founder's family members, the Board sets the overall strategic direction and policies of the company. Mr. Ganesh Salve, leads the day to day functioning of the company .

From Directors Desk

Almighty Prides itself as a value driven service oriented organization . As an Indian Born organization we take pride in going overseas with our expansion program when the world worries about Multinational Companies entering India. Our customers work with us for year's together because of the value we provide in terms of service and price and become our referrals for more customers across the world. Very soon we will enter our 10th year and hope that the strong foundation laid will propel us to meteoric heights. Ganesh Salve Almighty Group.

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